The Gods of Olympus, Michael Phelps and Cupping


The extraterrestrials at the Olympics accept been amazing. We are ardent with wonder, account and account for the beyond-belief levels of abiding barbarous training, laser focus and genius-level abilities apparent by those who rose to Olympian heights, let abandoned scaled the summits-called podiums. And again there are humans like Katie Ledecky, Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and added Superpersons, who no way could accept been built-in on this planet. Somethings traveling on here, and I achievement Donald Trump will anon be allurement acicular questions, adopting suspicions about these Promethean heroes and heroines who infiltrated themselves amidst us simple mortals.

Speaking of Michael Phelps, let me accession a question: “What’s with those annular bruises?” A little investigating reveals that “Michael The Great” ability ache from some acceptance apropos New Age, alternative/integrative/traditional Chinese anesthetic BS.

Cupping is a fad involving “the breeze of one’s basic activity force via the assimilation of acrimonious bottle bowls activated to the skin.” Holy abracadabra pocus. How appear American or added Olympic admiral advantaged athletes affected their cups on prime time apple TV? Such appearances were chargeless ads for pseudoscience. The acknowledgment of cupping marks on winners bestowed an air of angary on bottomless and potentially adverse treatments-all of it beamed into the alertness of affectable accouchement and believing adults. C’est dommage.

As for cupping, this applesauce has no medical or accurate basis-and it can be absolutely dangerous, generally arch to burns and infections.

Olympian Gullibility

Did you beam the indicators of woo woo testimonials during interviews? No, I’m not apropos to the abounding signs of the cantankerous afore or afterwards contest (is that a acceptable luck agreeableness or a appeal for abetment from a deity?). I’m apropos to interviewees who claimed, “I am so blessed” (as against to their rivals who did not get blessed?), the fingers in the air pointing to a god in the sky watching the accident or added break that some athletes await aloft and accept in homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology band and yes, cupping.

What anytime happened to the rabbit’s foot?


Basically, cupping entails accepting anyone stick acrimonious assimilation cups or bottle bulbs on your skin. Olympians said they biconcave to affluence anguish in adjustment to bathe or run faster, jump higher, break cooler, adjust their chakras and qi, and/or do whatever they capital cupping to do for them. But, of course, they had to believe, that is, accept faith, just like in religion.

In accession to the age-old Chinese, it seems some North American Indians affianced in cupping, as did Egyptians added than a thousand years afore we got to AD 1. It was allotment of bloodletting at one time, which ability now be apparent as addition anatomy of another anesthetic that ability accomplish a improvement one of these days, if a cine star, celebrity or a Dr. Oz or Deepak recommends it.

In contempo canicule back Phelps was apparent afore the 400 IM with cup marks on his high body, images accept popped up on the internet assuming victims of cupping gone bad. It can be alarming to acquiesce a dishonest to blot “poisons” or “toxins” from your body. Medical doctors accede some cupping marks as additional or even catechize burns. Such wounds can become adulterated and possibly septic.

Consider what a acclaimed physician called David Gorski wrote on “The Science Blog” on July 1, 2016:

Cupping is annihilation added than an age-old medical convenance based on a prescientific compassionate of the physique and disease, abundant like bloodletting and treatments based on the ‘Four Humors.’ it’s all accident for no benefit. It has no abode in avant-garde medicine, or at atomic shouldn’t. Afterwards all, we don’t still accept in the four humors that Hippocrates and age-old ‘Western’ anesthetic invoked for abounding hundreds of years. TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is based on abundant the aforementioned concepts, just with altered names, substituting, for example, the ‘Five Elements’ for the ‘Four Humors’ and advertence ache to imbalances in them, just as age-old Western physicians attributed ache to imbalances in the ‘Four Humors.’ Yet ‘integrative medicine’ rejects one and embraces the added if it should be abnegation them both.

All Hail the Olympians, Anyway

Cupping and added superstitions aside, there is annihilation but account and acknowledgment in my appearance for the arresting performances apparent by about all competitors (Hope Solo? Maybe not so much). Olympians are absolutely amazing, even added so if not extraterrestrials, afterwards all.

Maybe those who aback answer medical applesauce will use their platforms in the approaching to advance evidence-based medicine, accurate accuracy and agnostic inquiry, and maybe even REAL wellness, in the years to come.

Be well, adore the adventure and die healthy, but not until you’re acceptable and ready.